What makes Ramo Ramen so good?

Ramen is like chilli. It’s ridiculously easy to make, and anybody can put their spin on it. Hell, there’s a good chance you’ve boiled a packet of noodles for yourself this month... But there’s a huge difference between a pack of instant and Ramo Ramen. Now’s the time to reveal a few secrets of what makes Ramo taste so great.


If you’re making a pack of instant noodles at home, you can usually get the packet ready to eat in under five minutes. We never make it that easy for ourselves. Your ramen starts being made the day before it gets to your bowl. Take, for example, our chicken sopas ramen.  We slow roast chicken bone, and with a mix of fresh carcasses, bones and boiler chicken, we cook the broth for up to 16 hours. While it’s cooking, we add more ingredients like kombu (a Japanese seaweed), shiitake mushrooms and bonito (fermented tuna flakes). That’s just a few of them, of course – if we told you everything, you’d run off to make your own meal!

Cooking the broth for so long is what sets our ramen apart from the rest. Without slow-cooking our broth, we wouldn’t have bowls that packed so much flavor.

By the time the restaurant opens for the day, we’ve got the base of our ramen. The noodles come next, but they’re a lot faster to make than our broth! This means that we can make a fresh bowl of noodles for every order.


If you’ve sat down and eaten at Ramo, you already know our toppings. Our chicken sopas is topped with chicken chicharonnes, pulled adobo chicken, niitamato, pea shoots, menma, spring onions, shiitake mushrooms and nori. In other words, it’s a fully loaded bowl, with premium ingredients used to finish off the dish.

By the time it gets to you, over a dozen ingredients, and the better part of a day have gone into making Ramo Ramen. The attention and love it’s given is why it tastes great every time, and why people keep coming back to our restaurant. Stay tuned to hear more of Ramo's secrets!

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