What's The Verdict on Ramo Ramen?

It's almost been a month since we opened - time flies when you're making good ramen. 

Halal Grubbin' praised our "small but mighty menu", and said our pan-fried gyozas "couldn’t have been done any better." Thanks, guys - we tried our best!

Image borrowed from halalgrubbin.com

The egg noodles were like no other that I have tasted before. The perfect thickness, cooked to the exact softness, oh my, I could perhaps eat those noodles on its own. But of course, they would be better with the ramen.
— Halal Grubbin'

Steak and Teeth made us blush with their glowing review of our food:

Image definitely not stolen from steakandteeth.com

Image definitely not stolen from steakandteeth.com

The Oxtail Kare Kare was equally addictive, with a smooth, creamy, peanut-sauce based broth that carried a subtle, nutty sweetness. Best of all, it was filled with tender chunks of oxtail, which melted in the mouth to deliver a sensational, creamy and buttery ecstasy.
— Steak and Teeth

And of course, we couldn't mention reviews without giving a shout out to all of you on Instagram!

We've eyed ourselves on a few other websites too, like Feed the Lion, Hot Dinners and Kentish Towner, but why should we stop there? The Ramen Revolution can't end until we're on every food website. If you want to help, tell your friends where to get the best halal Ramen, or Filipino Ramen, or just ramen period! We won't disappoint ;)

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