Dinner at a Halal Ramen Restaurant

Ramen is a hearty, rich dish that anybody should be able to enjoy, but there are barely any places in London to get halal ramen. Ramo Ramen’s changing that with ramen and an à la carte menu that’s 100% halal. To make sure the food was good enough for the halal community, we invited London’s halal Instagrammers to tell us what they thought of the food. Fortunately, there were smiles all round at our private event. The only bad comment was that they were too full at the end!

" My favourite was the oxtail ramen - mouth meltingly soft meat served in a peanut based broth with a gooey egg 🍜👌🏼 Congrats on the opening guys ! " - @halal_girl

" Delicious Ramen, quirky interior & an amazing team - @ramoramen is the coolest place in town atm " - @2ctorkia

" Amazingly flavoured Chicken, Beef, Seafood and Vegetarian options. " - @haloodiefoodie

@steakandteeth gave their full opinion here.

Thanks to the following Instagrammers for coming down and letting us showcase our food:

@jahanara.makeup, @halal_girl, @2ctorkia, @everingcake, @bakestreetldn, @steakandteeth, @kiyahsyeda, @newmiyamoto and @haloodiefoodie