Bubble Tea You're Going To Love

People are already making trips across London to try our bubble tea. It’s no surprise to us – it’s a fantastic afternoon drink, or with your dinner, letting you enjoy a treat while keeping your stomach open for dessert. Ramo Ramen strives to deliver the best bubble tea in London, so you can get a smile on your face from any of our options.


What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that first became popular in the 80s. Though tea is the traditional base for bubble tea, milk, fruit juice and other flavours are just as common nowadays. Most people think the drink is named for the black or clear balls added to the cup, but the ‘bubble’ actually comes from the froth of a shaken milk tea. The balls are pearls made from tapioca, to be sucked through a large straw with the drink. Bits of jelly are usually used for fruit tea.

It goes by many names, like pearl milk tea, boba tea or bubble milk tea.

Our Range

Ramo serves half a dozen bubble tea flavours - three milk and three fruit treats. As always, we're constantly experimenting to bring new flavours to the bar. Here's just a few of our drinks.