Food Spotlight: Sinigang Ramen


Our hearty sinigang ramen is a Filipino household classic, that’s just the right balance of salty, sour and spicy.


Today, we’re highlighting the latest addition to our Ramo Ramen menu - the sinigang ramen bowl. Of our Filipino-inspired ramen such as the oxtail kare - kare and the chicken sopas, sinigang ramen is another Filipino classic on the table! So come on over and stay warm with our new dish as the chilly autumn season approaches.


A sinigang soup in the Philippines, is the tomato and/or potato leek soup in the UK. It’s a Filipino staple that is perfect any time of the day, any season and any occasion. It’s savoury, a tad spicy but importantly, sour - a dish that best represents the eclectic palette of the Philippines.

Traditionally, the base of the sinigang is made from tamarind, unripe mango or guava for a sharper sour taste that makes it a Filipino specialty. Meats such as pork, beef, fish and/or shrimp, as well as vegetables like: kang kong (water spinach), labanos (radish), gabi (taro) and okra are added to complete the dish. Due to the variety of and possible ingredients used to create a sinigang, depending on the specialty of the region and native peoples, means there are variants to the dish such as: sinigang sa miso (sinigang with miso base), Sinigang sa baboy (pork sinigang), sinigang na hipon (shrimp sinigang) or sinigang sa mangga (sinigang with unripe mango base) and more. 

What makes the sinigang ramen a novelty, is its 16-hour fish and tamarind broth, keeping it as traditional and as flavourful as possible with the sweetness and tanginess of the tamarind as it fuses with the saltiness of the fish. The sinigang ramen has grilled king prawns and roasted tomatoes which gives the dish a smoky aroma - packing more succulent seafood goodness into the soup. Chilies are added for a little kick of spice, as well as nitamago (egg), pea shoots, menma (bamboo shoots), fresh spring onions, fried enoki mushrooms, nori (seaweed) and anata oil are added to complete the classic Filipino dish the Ramo way.  A dish that is usually eaten as a main with rice or on the side as a palette cleanser, at Ramo, we switch that out with our tonkotsu style noodles, making it a deliciously tasteful meal. And if tonkotsu style ramen isn’t your thing, we also have vegan egg-free and gluten-free rice noodles available to swap out.

So come on over and try another Filipino classic, the Ramo Ramen way at our restaurant at Kentish Town (at 157 Kentish Town Road) We’re open from 12 pm to 10:30 pm everyday, dwelling between walking distances of Camden Town and Kentish Town. 

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