Time Out X Deliveroo Food Battles

The competition: Tonkutso vs Cay Tre vs Pho vs Yun vs Ramo Ramen

A last minute last minute addition to the Battle of the Broths. We were informed a week before competition. This was no mean feat, but i thought no guts no glory. everyone loves an underdog, lets get it.

Victory in sight

Victory in sight

With hardly anytime to prepare, and a busy Christmas period in Ramo, coupled with over a thousand portions of our Oxtail Kare Kare Ramen to prep for this event. It was a long gruelling tough week and with the Battle Line-Up the day was going to be tougher


With all planning you can achieve in just one week, something was bound to go wrong. We misjudged our transportation needs, but with some help from family we managed to get on site with most of the Ramo Ramen crew. Setting up a little late, flustered by the faulty equipment, it caused us to drop the ball. Enough to lose the first round. Feed back was positive, but we knew where we went wrong. Losing the first round we adjusted tactics and we won the second. Victory was in sight!

For the third round we needed super sharp-focus and execution from the whole team.

Hurting backs and legs didn’t stop us, faulty equipment didn’t stop us, spillages and disaster didn’t stop us. We maintained ninja-like focus, made sure we greeted and thanked every single customer with enthusiasm and made every single bowl with love and passion. Lets do what we do best. Lets do what we do every single day since opening Ramo.

Looking around at my team I realised I didn’t need this win to know this is what we were meant to do, but yeah, it was nice. As you can see from our reactions winning is nice.


So thank you to every one who voted, and everyone who has supported us. Thank you to the Ramo Ramen Team, your passion and work ethic won this. 2018 has been a great year for Ramo and God willing 2019 will be better.

We won the Battle of the Broths!

Maraming Salamat