Battle of the Broths by Timeout London & Deliveroo

Ramo Ramen will be competing in this Saturday’s Battle of the Broths, presented by Timeout London and Deliveroo, with our signature bowl: the oxtail kare kare!

Ramo Ramen will be competing in this Saturday’s Battle of the Broths, presented by Timeout London and Deliveroo, with our signature bowl: the oxtail kare kare!

What is Battle of the Broths?

Mark your calendars for the London ramen scene’s hottest event of the year: this Saturday, December 15th, Ramo Ramen will be participating in Battle of the Broths, an epic showdown between six ramen and pho vendors—cleverly dubbed “souperstars” by Timeout London—all of whom are making serious waves within London’s foodie landscape. Alongside Ramo, showing off their wares, will be Tonkotsu, Cay Tre, Pho, and YUN. We’ll have our signature ramen available for everyone to sample: the delicious oxtail kare kare! Inspired by traditional Filipino street food, this bowl has a rich and hearty peanut beef broth and is topped with pulled oxtail kare kare, niitamago (egg), pea shoots, spring onions, shiitake mushrooms, and nori (seaweed).     

The Rise of Ramen in the Western World

The number of ramen places in the Western world has rapidly proliferated over the last decade, quickly giving sushi a run for its money as the number one Japanese culinary export. For the better part of the 20th century, ramen served a highly functional, practical purpose. It acted as little more than a relatively cheap and easy way to fuel the Japanese population during periods of strict food rationing and dependence on American wheat, lard, and flour when much of Japan’s rice harvests were blighted by war. But starting in the 1980s, ramen transcended its status as a mere bowl of soup and became a legitimate, beautiful craft in its own right. This was particularly the case in the Japanese city most responsible for revolutionizing ramen and for bringing it to the West: Fukuoka, whose many ramen restaurants and chains (most famously, Ippudo) have made their way to cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Part of why ramen took off so much in the latter half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century (and showing no signs of stopping) is because it marked a radical departure from other types of Japanese food. Whereas other kinds of traditional cuisine, such as sushi, are held to a strict set of rules that must be adhered to, ramen actively encourages experimentation and innovation, for each bowl to try something new and be a little different.

Nowhere will that spirit of ingenuity be exemplified more than in Battle of the Broths. All of the noodle bowls on display seek to do something new and exciting; a twist on the classic staple. And Ramo has always been at the forefront of reinventing the wheel when it comes to ramen. Our founder, Omar Shah, who is heavily influenced by his Filipino heritage, has always been in love with ramen, but noticed that most ramen places in London had a very heavy pork-based menu. He sought to change up that formula by offering more chicken and vegan options and by making our menu entirely halal. More than anything, he wanted to showcase unique, bold Filipino flavours within the world of ramen.

Event Details

How exactly does Battle of the Broths work? You’ll get two hours to try bowls of delicious noodle soup from all the competitors. At the end, you can cast your vote for your favourite. The vendor who’s won over the most members from the crowd will be crowned Battle of the Broths champion! There will be plenty of beers supplied by craft brewery Fourpure to wash all those noodles down with, and lots of music to keep things fun and lively.

Wanna get in on the action? Buy your ticket here. Battle of the Broths will take place at Dock 10, Unit 1 at the Canada Water Retail Park SE16 2XU. There are several time slots throughout the day; you can choose the one that best suits you at checkout. Each ticket gives you entry into the event, tasters of each of the six soups, and a free drink when you arrive, and is only valid for the session that you’ve selected.

Make sure you have your e-ticket handy when you come, or else you might be turned away from the event! And trust us—this is not something you’ll want to miss out on. Let the Souper Bowl begin!   

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